Using QR scanner in App

The app may tell you not to use the GPS but to find a QR sign  at the statue to scan The scanner is built into the app

If you want to hear the statues in New York Talk, please download our app "Talking Statues" on iTunes. When you have downloaded it - open it and after sign in you will get to the main page with 4 buttons.

Using GPS Activation

​Press icon on when you get close to the statue then you will get a call from the statue.

How does it work? 

Talking Statues App

The "Statues" button will take you to a listing of statues with the search. Press "Map" button and you will go to a Map page where you see all the statues.

The App will tell you what to do - some places you have to use the built-in QR scanner - other places you activate by pressing the icon on the map