Now casting! 

We are not in the process of casting - are you an actor - you may get a role..

Writers & Authors

Behind every statue there is a voice and behind every voice there is an Author. 

Theme of the project

The statues will talk not only about New York, but they will also help to provide an experience of the different cultures in New York. 

Talking Statues is an original Danish concept giving voices to statues through modern technology for the first time in the world. It became a success and later was realized in the cities of Helsinki, London, San Diego, Berlin, Chicago etc. The project in New York will start 5th of  April 2017 and recreate an image of how the city has changed over several centuries and was built not from a single nationality, but from many nations. 

Do you want to try it?

How does Talking Statues work?
​It is very simple, you just need to bring your smartphone and download an app for free.

What will statues in New York say, when they start talking?